I Was A Ghost

by Farewell Flight

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released August 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Farewell Flight Nashville, Tennessee

Born in the farmlands of Pennsylvania, teeth cut on the asphalt of the American open highway, and now coming of age in Nashville, TN. Farewell Flight is a guitar and synth driven rock band with instantly nostalgic sing-a-long melodies. With a track already featured in a CITGO TV ad and CW's "Hart of Dixie", the band proudly just released its newest gem, "I Was A Ghost", featuring "Scarecrow. ... more

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Track Name: Scarecrow
Cut me down
from these roof beams
I’ve been swinging like a scarecrow
I’ve been living in a bad dream

Forgive my name
Forget my sins
Remember dancing in the stairwell?
Remember getting high in brooklyn?

I’m not completely naive
I knew that it was the end
I heard you crying on the back porch
I heard you’re marrying your boyfriend

You feel like heaven then hell
and sometimes nothing at all
But honestly, I’m at my happiest
When you’re not in my thoughts

Remember when
You were mine?
I was twenty, you were nineteen
We were mapping out our whole lives

Should I have married you then?
Have you forgotten my name?
And tell me, baby, have all the lips you kissed since mine
tasted or felt the same?
Track Name: Breaking My Heart
I'm stuck in a mess / When did this happen?
I get lost inside my head /All my friends leave me for dead

Twenty five isn't that old / Where did the time go?
They got names for things like this / Like a quarter-life crisis
I try to push it away

I didn’t recognize just what you were
Your lips on fire and I like the burn
And when we kiss it's like you're breaking my heart
So keep on breaking my heart

You rip right into my chest / Cause you know how I like it
When I say it with a please / When I'm asking on my knees

My God, I feel so alive / Whenever I touch you
When the the sunlight hits your hair / When the sunlight’s all you wear
I just get carried away


Well, I’ve only had a taste
Hell, it’s more than I can take
Baby, I just wanna waste away, with you
Maybe I don’t want to wait

I try to push you away / But I can't seem to let go
You're the one I want the most / When you're taking off your clothes
I just can't look away

Track Name: Teenager
Sitting in my car staring at your photograph
The memories rushing back
The way your hair used to smell

Summer has since come and gone and I still feel the same
I've got no one to blame
Except maybe myself

Oh my god, you make me feel so alive
You make me feel like a teenager
You make me feel like a heartbreaker

Oh my love, won't you take me out tonight
I wanna feel like a teenager
I wanna feel like a heartbreaker

Hanging up the phone and I was barely hanging on
The radio was playing our song
And I still miss you like hell

Haunted by the words that I'd forgotten how to say
Think I forgot how to pray
I used to do it so well

Your chest is a sun that rises and sets when you breathe
And your heart is a drum, though you're gone I can still hear the beats


See I blinded myself with dreams that haven't come true
And I never felt so in love as when I was with you


May you find whatever it is you think that you need
May the times you smile outnumber the times you bleed
Track Name: Everything Changed
I met a girl beneath the stars
Her eyes reflecting light from light years away
Nervous and buzzed outside the bar
My words tripping over my teeth leaving me with nothing to say

Everything changed
I'm not the same
Give me some more
I want it all

You make me forget who I have been
I love the way your head feels on my chest
I want my skin against your skin
I think you want it too by the way you’re barely wearing that dress
Track Name: The Places We'll Go
We are at the start
Breathe the magic in going down the road into
The wide open air
We can steer ourselves any direction that we choose

The places we'll go
Oh, the places we'll go

The course we're on is still unmarked
But just one light can chase away the dark
So fold the map and follow your heart
Some hope and fears are hard to tell apart

The places we'll go
Oh, the places we'll go
Track Name: Heyo
I am standing on the street where we first kissed
Pull the last drag from my cigarette
And I wonder for a moment where you are
And in that moment wish we’d never met

When I’m drowning in the pain / When I almost feel insane
There’s a song I sing when the words don’t come out right
It goes


The city really comes alive at night
I can feel the energy beneath my feet
I love it but it makes me miss my friends
I see their faces in every stranger that I meet

When I’m terrified of change / But so happy it’s insane
There’s a song I sing when the words don’t come out right
It goes

Cause I know
I gotta let go and be alive

Oh my god, it’s been the strangest year
I went down and signed the lease today
And I can taste the Yuengling on your lips
Your kiss says more than you could ever say
It says

Baby, I know we gotta let go, and be alive